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Our Ethos

A good cup of coffee starts with the grower and ends with the customer. Yep, we're absolutely talking about flavour but there's much more to it than that. Every part of the process is important to us. 

Coffee roasted in Hackney, cooling in the cooler mixer

The beans

We source beans that are sustainable, traceable and beneficial to everyone along the supply chain. We choose high-quality, seasonal beans  produced by small hold farmers.  Through our green bean supplier, Falcon, we are able to choose beans which not only help the farmers but work towards environmental, socio-economic and societal issues affecting origin regions.

"We believe that working in coffee provides us all with a unique opportunity to contribute to sustainable smallholder agriculture."

They are a fantastic company whose ethos completely aligns with ours. You can read about their sustainability projects here.

The packaging

Our coffee bags are provided by Dutch Pack, they're committed to being carbon-neutral. They have some fantastic projects in coffee-growing countries, you can read about here.


We encourage those who can visit to pop in with their own container which we are happy to fill with beans - at a sweet, sweet discounted rate.

All our local wholesale (East London area) coffees are delivered in massive buckets (3kg-10kg). Buckets are swapped out for a clean and fresh batch on delivery day.


Our takeaway cups are provided by Decent (also carbon neutral), they are compostable which still isn't ideal as most recycling plants can't handle them. In-store we work with First Mile to ensure all compostable cups are properly composted and no other waste ends up in landfill. We do encourage people to BYO cups as much as poss (whether that's a keep cup or a mug or a flask) this is the most environmentally friendly holder of coffee.

On the subject of waste and recycling:

All our waste is handled by First Mile meaning nothing goes to landfill.

Our coffee grinds are used by a local community project, MAD Leap, to help teach people about growing and sustaiablity. We're also looking to use more of our coffee waste in similar projects - watch this space!

Takeaway coffee cups on top of the espresso machine
Barista steaming milk for a takeaway coffee in Hackney

The People

Once the beans have been roasted it's up to the barista to showcase their flavour. Our baristas are fully trained and know how to get the most out of our beans. We also provide brew guides to help you use the best possible technique for your home set-up. We are aiming to provide training for anyone who wants to up their brewing game, from V60s, to espresso machines, to latte art. But that's a little down the line, let's get things off the ground here first.

We pay living wage and above, we're aiming to become a London Living Wage employer. We hire locally. We also encourage our employees to build skills in areas beyond barista-ing, and provide any support we can. 

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