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Big Man • Brazil • Single Origin Coffee

Big Man • Brazil • Single Origin Coffee


Sourced from Cafeina Women's Collective in Brazil, Sul de Minas.  A group of female farmers who get together to share knowledge and produce top-notch beans. These coffee beans are well suited to a dark roast, along with their dark chocolatey nature, the dark roast brings out an almost treacle-like, brown sugar flavour. If you like a strong 'Italian' style coffee, or if you sip espressos with sugar mixed in, this one is for you. It's incredibly versatile so suits most brew methods. 


About the bean

Single Origin Coffee, sourced from the Tres Pontas region of Brazil. These coffee beans are produced by Jacqueline and Flaviane, who are part of the Cafeina Women's Collective, empowering female producers in the specialty coffee industry. Grown at an altitude of 1150, these beans are hand-picked and processed to ensure the highest quality of flavor.


About this product

Size: 250g

Origin: Brazil, Sul de Minas, Cafeina Women's Collective

Varietal: Mixed

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 900-1100