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Red Gates • Rwanda • Single Origin Coffee

Red Gates • Rwanda • Single Origin Coffee


Raspberry ripple ice cream but make it coffee. This is a naturally sweet bean and the light roast gives it the acidity of ripe raspberries. Ideal for black coffee drinkers. Makes a lovely espresso, absolutely juicy and delicious as a filter.


About the beans

Grown in the perfect conditions of high altitude and volcanic soils with good organic structure, this coffee is a product of smallholder farms formed into cooperatives. The Gatare washing station, one of the oldest in Rwanda, is known for producing very high-quality coffee. The station itself is located in the Nyamasheke district of the Western Province, surrounded by hills absolutely covered by coffee trees.


About this product

Size: 250g

Origin: Rwanda, Gatare 152

Varietal: Red Boubon

Altitude: 1800

Process: Natural