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Nat Has Her Beans • House Blend Coffee Beans

Nat Has Her Beans • House Blend Coffee Beans


Our house blend coffee, 'Nat Has Her Beans' a celebration of the viral tag Nat Has Herpes - which originated in East Wing Oslo House, the home of our roastery. We have a base of Brazilian coffee beans giving us big dark chocolate and almond nut feels blended with Rwandan beans adding sweetness and lots of depth for espresso drinkers, and finally, we mix in an Ethiopian bean which is bursting with big fresh strawberry vibes. 


About the beans

Sourced from the Tres Pontas, Sul de Minas region of Brazil, these beans are produced by Jacqueline (Jaja) and Flaviane, they are a part of the Cafeina Women’s Collective who formed to exchange knowledge and empower female producers within the specialty coffee industry. Grown at an altitude of 1150, the coffee cherries are hand-picked and processed naturally.


Rwanda has the most perfect growing conditions: high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with good organic structure. The majority of coffee is produced by smallholder farms formed into cooperatives sharing services of washing stations. Gatare is the oldest washing station, and has a reputation for high-quality coffee. 


Rocko Mountain represents the truly old-school flavours of the Yiracheffe region of Ethiopia. Tariku Megesha is the sole owner of this natural coffee, he applied agronomic practices, keeping his land free of weeds and growing pulse crops to maintain the fertility of the soil. Processed as a traditional natural, the coffee cherries are first soaked to remove all immature or overripe fruit, then dried on raised beds for 28 days.


Product information

Size: 250g

Roast: Medium

Origin: Brazil Sul de Minas, Cafeina Women's Group

Altitude: 900-1100

Varietal: Mixed

Process: Natural


Origin: Rwanda, Gatare 152

Altitude: 1800

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural


Origin: Ethiopia Rocko Mountain Collective

Altitude: 2000-2100

Varietal: 74112 Ethiopian Landrace

Process: Natural