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brb • Ethiopia • Single Origin Coffee

brb • Ethiopia • Single Origin Coffee


Named in honour of the prolonged coffee break, this Ethiopian bean slaps. It's full-bodied, well-rounded giving a black tea start and a big juicy big strawberry milkshake finish. It has become a favourite among our baristas and regulars. This makes a banging drip or filter coffee but is very versatile, however you prepare it, it's well worth taking some time out of your day and sitting with a cup of the good stuff.


About the beans

Rocko Mountain represents the truly old-school flavours of the Yiracheffe region of Ethiopia. Tariku Megesha is the sole owner of this natural coffee, he applied agronomic practices, keeping his land free of weeds and growing pulse crops to maintain the fertility of the soil. Processed as a traditional natural, the coffee cherries are first soaked to remove all immature or overripe fruit, then dried on raised beds for 28 days.


About the product

Size: 250g

Roast: Medium

Origin: Ethiopia, Tariku Mengesha, Rocko Mountain Collection

Varietal: 74112 Ethiopian Landrace

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2000-2100



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