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Decaf - Peru - Single Origin Beans

Decaf - Peru - Single Origin Beans


I always thought "death before decaf" but when I tasted this bean all animosity was lifted. This could just as easily have been called I can't believe it's not decaf. It's gone through the sparkling water decaffeination process - meaning no chemicals we used in the decaffeination of this coffee. With delicious smooth flavours including, hazelnuts, milk chocolate and zesty orange. Makes a fantastic espresso but is delicious no matter your preferred brewing method.


About the beans

Sourced from the San Ignacio districts of Chirinos, San Jose de Lourdes, and Tabaconas. This blend of day lots offers a balanced flavor profile with notes of cocoa and a subtle hint of nuttiness, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a decaffeinated option without sacrificing flavor. The producers in these areas meticulously pick and process their coffee, ensuring the highest quality beans. After processing, the coffee is then dried on lined patios and fermented for 24 to 36 hours.


These beans have undergone a gentle and natural decaffeination process using natural carbon dioxide and water, creating 'sub-critical' conditions to selectively remove the caffeine while preserving the integrity of the beans.


As they are decaffienated using an entirely natural agent, the process is completely organic and free from any harmful chemicals. T


he way the process works means the other compounds in the green bean are left untouched, meaning decaffeination has no effect on the flavour and aroma of the finished product. The carbon dioxide is very selective and doesn’t extract the carbohydrates and proteins in the green bean which contribute to flavour and smell.



About the product

Size: 250g

Roast: Medium

Origin:Dulces Suenos, Peru
Altitude:1650 - 1900 masl
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo and Typica
Process: Sparkling Water Decaffination